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Managerial Economics A second course in microeconomics at the intermediate level, Economics 101 will emphasize interactions among firms and the internal organization of firms. The focus will be for-profit firms, but much of the material applies equally well to public sector and non-profit organizations.

Course prerequisites are a course in intermediate microeconomics such as 100A, and a course in statistical methods such as 113.

The primary text is Managerial Economics & Business Strategy, 7th ed. by Michael R. Baye(McGraw-Hill, 2009), denoted Baye below. Supplementary required readings include Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Economist or a comparable news source. Additional readings are on reserve in the Science Library and/or posted below.

Grades are based on class participation and homework (25-30%), midterm exam (25%), and final exam (45-50%). Opportunities to earn bonus points (1-3%) include bringing in clippings related to class material, preparing official cheat sheets, and participating in classroom games.

The class meets Tu Th Noon - 1:45pm in Classroom Unit 1.

TAs are

Office hours

Due dates Final Exam is noon - 3pm Thursday December 13.

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