ECON 165 - Economics as Experimental Science // Prof. Dan Friedman


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Economics as Experimental Science

This course introduces modern laboratory experimental methods to students with well-developed interests in economics and with an intermediate-level knowledge of microeconomics and statistics. Students participate in classroom demonstration experiments, study lab techniques, survey recent applications in many fields, and (as part of a team) design an original experiment.

The primary text is
Economics Lab by Friedman and Cassar, Routledge, 2004 (FC04 for short)
Additional readings are posted below.

Optional texts on reserve at the Science & Engineering library include
Behavioral Game Theory: Experiments in Strategic Interactions by Colin Camerer, (RSF/Princeton University Press, 2003);
Statistics for Experimenters, by Box, Hunter and Hunter, (Wiley, 1978)
Experimental Economics, by Davis and Holt (Princeton University Press 1993).
Handbook of Experimental Economics, Kagel and Roth (eds), Princeton University Press, 1995
Handbook of Experimental Economic Results, Plott and Smith (eds), North-Holland, 2008 Link

Grades are based on class participation and homework (25%), exams (50%), and a group term project (25%).

The class meets Tu Th 10-11:45am in 136 P Sci.

Instructor is Dan Friedman. His office hours are W 1:30-3:30pm in 417 Engineering 2, and by appointment.

Due dates. The final paper is due noon Monday, March 14. Please turn in two paper copies and email one electronic copy to

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