LEEPS oTree Hack-A-Thon 2017 @ WZB

The first oTree Hack-A-Thon took place at the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB), October 26-29! This four day event was a joint effort of the LEEPS lab and WZB, organized by Dan Friedman, Steffen Huck, Gebhard Glock, Johannes Leutgeb, and your author, James Pettit.

I'm very proud to report we had 9 projects presented for the awards ceremony. Three awards were given - Most Original, Best Design, and Best Overall. Awards were judged by consensus of the participants with a democratic vote.

Most importantly, the source code for every project will be made available right here to serve as examples and enable future collaboration throughout the oTree community.

Best Overall

MTurk Utils - Essi Kujansuu, Philipp Chapkovski, and Nicolas Gruyer

Best Design

A Widget For Submitting Ordered Preferences Over A Set Of Options - Inácio Bó

Most Original

Treatment Allocation - David Hardt and Tobias Aufenanger

All Projects

UI For Realtime oTree - Curtis Kephart

Clicking Paradigm - David Poensgen and Patrick Schneider

A collection of input tools, oriented on the z-Tree layouts. We compare "standard" oTree methods with customizable CSS Style - Franziska Then, Michel Tolksdorf, Thibaud Pierrot, and Max Lutz

Real Effort Slider Task - Christian König

Slider with Immediate Visual Feedback and no initial position - Holger Gerhardt

Player Classes - Mario Winkler

By James Pettit, November 2, 2017.