Create a standalone webpage using HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Either a single file, e.g. "[email].html" or a folder with all required resources.

Submissions will be judged individually, and need not be complete. This is meant to be an indicator of your ability to work independently, learn new libraries, and adapt to different tasks. Questions via email are absolutely acceptable. A mostly complete task that required email assistance is better than nothing at all. This isn't homework, it's real work, what matters most is the ability to get things done, even if that means asking for help or using code found online. Just be sure to cite any sources of outside assistance.

1. Where'd It Go? (Required)


  1. A value that varies stochastically over time, bounded between 0 and 1.
  2. A user selected value between 0 and 1.
  3. Calculate the user's payoff using the following function: Payoff Function
  4. Implement the ability to start, stop and reset the random process.
  5. Implement some user interface to select the user value, and see current profit (but default hide stochastic value).
  6. Track and show cumulative profits over time.


  • Plot time series of user values
  • Plot times series of stochastic values.
  • Plot current and/or total payoffs.
  • Show hide current stochastic value
  • Add a text area to allow the user to change the payoff function.

2. Particle Simulation (Optional)


  1. Canvas element with particles
  2. Particles move in random direction with some velocity
  3. Particles collide with canvas "walls" and bounce back
  4. Alternatively, canvas wraps around (e.g. Pacman)
  5. Ability to add more particles with mouse
  6. Ability to reset simulation


  • Particles collide with each other
  • Particles change color
  • Particles leave "trail"

Useful libraries